Sunday, May 16, 2021

English Shayari

Faster!” shouted one step-sister.

You call that a dress?” screamed the other.  

Oh, dear!” said Cinderella.  “When can I–“

The stepmother marched into the room.  “When can you WHAT?”

Well,” said the girl, “when will I have time to make my own dress for the ball?”

You?” yelled the stepmother.  “Who said YOU were going to the ball?”

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“What a laugh!” said one step-sister.

Such a mess!” They pointed at Cinderella.  All of them laughed.

Cinderella said to herself, “When they look at me, maybe they see a mess. 

But I am not that way.  And if I could, I WOULD go to the ball.”

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Soon the time came for the stepmother and step-sisters to leave for the big party.

Their fine carriage came to the door. The stepmother and step-sisters hopped inside.  And they were off.

English Shayari

“Good-bye!” called Cinderella.  “Have a good time!” But her stepmother and step-sisters did not turn around to see her.

Ah, me!” said Cinderella sadly.  The carriage rode down the street.  She said aloud, “I wish I could go to the ball, too!”

Friendship Shayari

Then - Poof!

All of a sudden, in front of her was a fairy.

You called?” said the fairy.

Did I?” said Cinderella.  “Who are you?”

Why, your Fairy Godmother, of course!  I know your wish.  And I have come to grant it.”

“But…” said Cinderella, “my wish is impossible.”

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