Sunday, May 16, 2021

Hindi Quotes

Excuse me!” said the Fairy Godmother in a huff.  “Did I not just show up out of thin air?”

“Yes, you did,” said Cinderella.

Then let me be the one to say what is possible or not!”

Well, I think you know I want to go to the ball, too.” She looked down at her dirty clothes.

But look at me.”

You do look a bit of a mess, child,” said the Fairy Godmother.

“Even if I had something nice to wear," said the girl, "I would have no way to get there."

Dear me, all of that is possible,” said the Fairy. 

With that, she tapped her wand on Cinderella’s head.

At once, Cinderella was all clean.  She was dressed in a beautiful blue gown.  Her hair was set up high on her head inside a golden band.

This is wonderful!” said Cinderella.

Who said I was done?” said the Fairy Godmother.

She tapped her wand again. At once, a beautiful carriage came to be, with a driver and four white horses.

Am I dreaming?” said Cinderella, looking around her.

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